Kiss me up to summer ends in snowing

Take me with you
wherever you’re going
kiss me up to
summer ends in snowing
How can I stay
if not I’m awake
What could I do
If I’m not with you
You make me awake, you make me doing
take me with you
wherever you’re going
kiss me up to
summer ends in snowing
Restless my soul,
wants you and you,
loses hope when my heart,
looks to you for a clue
when I may rest? when my hope will not be slowing?
Take me with you
wherever you’re going
kiss me up to
summer ends in snowing!

Song of Heart

Reckon Heart as the first person and The Person him/herself as second person. The word crime has been used in place of stress!

Beating Heart

Beats from Heart

Hear me closer
I’m your body part
love me a little more
feel the song of heart!
I start beating when you’re still in
and you expect me doing it for lifetime
but sometimes I get hurt when you don’t win
and you start giving me loads of crime
you stress your mind and cry alone
but you can’t tell it to any other
you loved someone, who now is gone
and you think that you can suffer
you ought to hear me still more closer
I’m still your body part
you say that I’m broken
but if you’ll feel, I’ll be singing song of heart!
Those who has lived and are living
says life is to go on
but I know sometimes it hurts more than anything
leaving behind something to start going on
but don’t you think
you’re on the brink
of hurting me to end of my life
and I beleive in turn yours, without me you can’t survive
I beat day and night, hear my voice
I’m always your body part
make me happier, so I don’t stop
singing the song of heart!

Beating Heart I found here

Soul of this love

You may be with someone who is not me
you may be somewhere where I can’t be
but it’s my heart it’s my love
which will be always with you, you might not see.
You think this ends here
while I’m not in your eyes or somewhere near
but the soul of this love will never die
cuz it got my heart beating for it, will be beating and beating it were.

“Heart, root of life and love, beats for life before love and then always beats for love.”

The tiff romantic

I apologize for use of abusive language,but it was necessary and natural🙂

two birds fighting


Once a couple of age nineteens went to a marriage party.The marriage lawn was shining and they were too.They got engaged with their friend circle,separately.After two hours when the girl started to feel sleepy,she went to her boyfriend and there she spotted him flattering with another single girl,who possessed a bit more essence of beauty(as she thought).She sauntered like she was stalking and got herself standing beside him,but hidden from his visual field.Unnoticed 5 minutes made her to breath noisely like the serpent.Wrath of hers wafted with her breath,which were caught by boy’s nerves and he interpreted the venom flowing in it.He said good bye to the party girl and turned to her girlfriend.She strode towards car,trying not to listen her boyfriend’s litany of blarney talks,who was lagging a step behind.They drove to home.
At home

Very much intrigued you were looking?

Sorry,but she came to me just for a talking.

Oh,that’s why you almost forgot that I was with you?

Yes,for a moment,I really forgot,I apologize you.

Then forget that I’m going to converse

Okay,but I take it as read that you will let me converge.(a facetious smile)

Go and involve yourself with that fucking bitch

(laugh,laugh,laugh)The word doesn’t crown on your tongue tangy tart sweet.

(smiles)I will go and find someone who cares only for me.

My dear love,you know you couldn’t and it could not be

I will do it and I’ll be meeting you with my new boyfriend

That will be his last day,that will be his end.

Why would you do that,when you have that filthy girl,go and settle with her

Yeah,but before,I will end him and settle thereafter.(got closer to her)

With her?(tilted her face to look in his eyes)

Of course…….with you my heart coddler!(hands grasping her face)

But I said,I shall not talk to you?

But did you say,you’ll not let me walk through you!(bodies trying to merge into each other,lips on verge of taking over)

(closed eyes,parted lips)but…….

…It’s better to tangle after a sweet short wrangle🙂

birds kissing


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spurious human

spurious human butterfly

Count us on earth as your life partner!

I walked to the god
and asked him a question,
have you receded love from earth?
Tell me,I’m your son!
I tried to find
but it wasn’t anywhere,
seeking it everywhere
I found you here.
Tell me,have you hidden the love
from all of living world
or only we are the victims
unworthy to see things beautiful?
God told me the secret,
you’ve become selfish cruel
in your eyes there’s no regret,
you think you are unequal.
I made this world
for every living being
but when I made you,
I didn’t presume your greed.
You kill innocent,lovely,every creatures,
then you adjure for love
you have no deference for mother nature
but you want her to fill your life with verve.
Your creation was my art of deft,
I thought I made a piece genuine,
but now I realize well
that was nothing splendid,but spurious human!

my heartbeats

like beats of music
are my heartbeats
not everyone can understand
for what and why it beats
If and only if
you could have been to my heart
I was ready to promise
by the heart,never to break your heart
Now I’m waiting for?
I don’t know what I’m waiting for!
Do I’ve left loving you?
neither nor,neither nor!
I never will be as was I
I’ve got a question
for you
Why,tell me why?
you’re not here,when I only need you?
Anyways,I am happy
cuz I think you’re too
but I will live and leave in peace,even if
you’ll lie only once to me,”I love you.”